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            Check out the links below for data on public transportation, driving laws, motor vehicle registrations, most congested roads, accidents, trains, and airlines.

            Automobiles and Road Travel

            Timeline: Ford Mustang

            Most Congested Roads, 2014

            Most Congested Roads, 2012

            Driving Laws

            U.S. Seat Belt Use, 1998–2005

            What Your Car Color Says About You

            Best Selling Cars of All Time

            Most Popular Car Colors, 2014

            Most Popular Car Colors, 2012

            Most Popular Car Colors, 2003–2006

            Most Popular International Car Colors 2005-2006

            Top-Selling Vehicles in the U.S., 2005

            Most Stolen Cars, 2007

            Car Theft by Top Ten U.S. Metropolitan Areas, 2005

            Top AAA Cars, 2006

            Most Expensive Cars, 2007

            Least and Most Polluting Cars, 2015

            Least and Most Polluting Cars, 2014

            Most and Least Knowledgeable U.S. Drivers

            Parents Magazine and AAA Best Cars for Families, 2005

            Nano: World's Cheapest Car

            America's Worst Highway Bottlenecks, 2014

            America's Worst Highway Bottlenecks, 2012

            Major Causes of Traffic Congestion in the U.S.

            U.S. Driving Fatalities, Total and Alcohol-Related

            Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities on Holidays, 2003

            Age and Gender Distribution of U.S. Licensed Drivers, 2004

            Licensed Drivers and Vehicle Registrations

            Improper Driving as a Factor in Accidents

            Automobile Registration by Country

            The U.S. Highway System

            Road Mileages Between U.S. Cities

            U.S. Cities with the Worst Road Rage

            Airplanes and Air Travel

            World's Busiest Airports for Passengers, 2013

            World's Busiest Airports for Cargo, 2013

            EU Blacklist of Unsafe Airlines

            Air Distances Between U.S. Cities in Statute Miles

            Air Distances Between World Cities in Statute Miles

            Commuting Statistics

            Getting to Work in the City

            Principal Means of Transportation to Work

            Trains and Subways

            World's Largest Subway Systems

            Railroad Ridership, 1988–2004

            Two Centuries of Railroading

            Ten Famous Trains


            Fatalities by Transportation Mode, 1960–2004

            Most Dangerous Mode of Transportation

            Travel & Transportation
            Travel & Transportation