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            Latitude and Longitude of U.S. and Canadian Cities

            (and time corresponding to 12:00 noon, Eastern Standard Time)

            The table below gives the latitude and longitude of dozens of U.S. and Canadian cities. For more U.S. locations including cities, towns, parks and more, use the Find Latitude and Longitude tool.
            See also Latitude and Longitude of World Cities.

            ?Lat. n.Long. w.?
            Albany, N.Y.4240734512:00 noon
            Albuquerque, N.M.35051063910:00 a.m.
            Amarillo, Tex.35111015011:00 a.m.
            Anchorage, Alaska6113149548:00 a.m.
            Atlanta, Ga.3345842312:00 noon
            Austin, Tex.3016974411:00 a.m.
            Baker, Ore.4447117509:00 a.m.
            Baltimore, Md.3918763812:00 noon
            Bangor, Maine4448684712:00 noon
            Birmingham, Ala.3330865011:00 a.m.
            Bismarck, N.D.46481004711:00 a.m.
            Boise, Idaho43361161310:00 a.m.
            Boston, Mass.422171512:00 noon
            Buffalo, N.Y.4255785012:00 noon
            Calgary, Alba., Can.511114110:00 a.m.
            Carlsbad, N.M.32261041510:00 a.m.
            Charleston, S.C.3247795612:00 noon
            Charleston, W. Va.3821813812:00 noon
            Charlotte, N.C.3514805012:00 noon
            Cheyenne, Wyo.4191045210:00 a.m.
            Chicago, Ill.4150873711:00 a.m.
            Cincinnati, Ohio398843012:00 noon
            Cleveland, Ohio4128813712:00 noon
            Columbia, S.C.34081212:00 noon
            Columbus, Ohio40083112:00 noon
            Dallas, Tex.3246964611:00 a.m.
            Denver, Colo.3945105010:00 a.m.
            Des Moines, Iowa4135933711:00 a.m.
            Detroit, Mich.422083312:00 noon
            Dubuque, Iowa4231904011:00 a.m.
            Duluth, Minn.464992511:00 a.m.
            Eastport, Maine445467012:00 noon
            Edmonton, Alb., Can.53341132810:00 a.m.
            El Centro, Calif.3238115339:00 a.m.
            El Paso, Tex.31461062910:00 a.m.
            Eugene, Ore.44312359:00 a.m.
            Fargo, N.D.4652964811:00 a.m.
            Flagstaff, Ariz.35131114110:00 a.m.
            Fort Worth, Tex.3243971911:00 a.m.
            Fresno, Calif.3644119489:00 a.m.
            Grand Junction, Colo.3951083310:00 a.m.
            Grand Rapids, Mich.4258854012:00 noon
            Havre, Mont.48331094310:00 a.m.
            Helena, Mont.4635112210:00 a.m.
            Honolulu, Hawaii2118157507:00 a.m.
            Hot Springs, Ark.343193311:00 a.m.
            Houston, Tex.2945952111:00 a.m.
            Idaho Falls, Idaho4330112110:00 a.m.
            Indianapolis, Ind.3946861012:00 noon
            Jackson, Miss.3220901211:00 a.m.
            Jacksonville, Fla.3022814012:00 noon
            Juneau, Alaska5818134248:00 a.m.
            Kansas City, Mo.396943511:00 a.m.
            Key West, Fla.2433814812:00 noon
            Kingston, Ont., Can.4415763012:00 noon
            Klamath Falls, Ore.4210121449:00 a.m.
            Knoxville, Tenn.3557835612:00 noon
            Las Vegas, Nev.3610115129:00 a.m.
            Lewiston, Idaho462411729:00 a.m.
            Lincoln, Neb.4050964011:00 a.m.
            London, Ont., Can.432813412:00 noon
            Long Beach, Calif.3346118119:00 a.m.
            Los Angeles, Calif.343118159:00 a.m.
            Louisville, Ky.3815854612:00 noon
            Manchester, N.H.430713012:00 noon
            Memphis, Tenn.35990311:00 a.m.
            Miami, Fla.2546801212:00 noon
            Milwaukee, Wis.432875511:00 a.m.
            Minneapolis, Minn.4459931411:00 a.m.
            Mobile, Ala.304288311:00 a.m.
            Montgomery, Ala.3221861811:00 a.m.
            Montpelier, Vt.4415723212:00 noon
            Montreal, Que., Can.4530733512:00 noon
            Moose Jaw, Sask., Can.50371053111:00 a.m.
            Nashville, Tenn.3610864711:00 a.m.
            Nelson, B.C., Can.4930117179:00 a.m.
            Newark, N.J.4044741012:00 noon
            New Haven, Conn.4119725512:00 noon
            New Orleans, La.295790411:00 a.m.
            New York, N.Y.4047735812:00 noon
            Nome, Alaska6425165308:00 a.m.
            Oakland, Calif.3748122169:00 a.m.
            Oklahoma City, Okla.3526972811:00 a.m.
            Omaha, Neb.4115955611:00 a.m.
            Ottawa, Ont., Can.4524754312:00 noon
            Philadelphia, Pa.3957751012:00 noon
            Phoenix, Ariz.3329112410:00 a.m.
            Pierre, S.D.44221002111:00 a.m.
            Pittsburgh, Pa.4027795712:00 noon
            Portland, Maine4340701512:00 noon
            Portland, Ore.4531122419:00 a.m.
            Providence, R.I.4150712412:00 noon
            Quebec, Que., Can.4649711112:00 noon
            Raleigh, N.C.3546783912:00 noon
            Reno, Nev.3930119499:00 a.m.
            Richfield, Utah3846112510:00 a.m.
            Richmond, Va.3733772912:00 noon
            Roanoke, Va.3717795712:00 noon
            Sacramento, Calif.3835121309:00 a.m.
            St. John, N.B., Can.451866101:00 p.m.
            St. Louis, Mo.3835901211:00 a.m.
            Salt Lake City, Utah40461115410:00 a.m.
            San Antonio, Tex.2923983311:00 a.m.
            San Diego, Calif.3242117109:00 a.m.
            San Francisco, Calif.3747122269:00 a.m.
            San Jose, Calif.3720121539:00 a.m.
            San Juan, P.R.183066101:00 p.m.
            Santa Fe, N.M.35411055710:00 a.m.
            Savannah, Ga.32581512:00 noon
            Seattle, Wash.4737122209:00 a.m.
            Shreveport, La.3228934211:00 a.m.
            Sioux Falls, S.D.4333964411:00 a.m.
            Sitka, Alaska5710135158:00 a.m.
            Spokane, Wash.4740117269:00 a.m.
            Springfield, Ill.3948893811:00 a.m.
            Springfield, Mass.426723412:00 noon
            Springfield, Mo.3713931711:00 a.m.
            Syracuse, N.Y.43276812:00 noon
            Tampa, Fla.2757822712:00 noon
            Toledo, Ohio4139833312:00 noon
            Toronto, Ont., Can.4340792412:00 noon
            Tulsa, Okla.3609955911:00 a.m.
            Vancouver, B.C., Can.4913123069:00 a.m.
            Victoria, B.C., Can.4825123219:00 a.m.
            Virginia Beach, Va.3651755812:00 noon
            Washington, D.C.3853770212:00 noon
            Wichita, Kan.3743971711:00 a.m.
            Wilmington, N.C.3414775712:00 noon
            Winnipeg, Man., Can.495497711:00 a.m.
            For more on U.S. geography, see National Parks.


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