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            Record Highest Temperatures by State

            There's a lot of talk about the record-setting temperatures of the past couple years, and how they relate to climate change. But, do you know the records for where you live? Read on to find out about the hottest ever recorded temperatures.?

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            in feet
            Alabama 11244Sept. 5, 1925Centerville345
            Alaska 10038June 27, 1915Fort Yukonest. 420
            Arizona 12853June 29, 1994Lake Havasu City505
            Arkansas 12049Aug. 10, 1936Ozark396
            California 13457July 10, 1913Greenland Ranch-178
            Colorado 11546July 20, 2019John Martin Reservoir3,852
            Connecticut 10641July 15, 1995Danbury450
            Delaware 11043July 21, 1930Millsboro20
            D.C.10641July 20, 1930Washington410
            Florida 10943June 29, 1931Monticello207
            Georgia 11244Aug. 20, 1983Greenville860
            Hawaii 10038Apr. 27, 1931Pahala850
            Idaho 11848July 28, 1934Orofino1,027
            Illinois 11747July 14, 1954E. St. Louis410
            Indiana 11647July 14, 1936Collegeville672
            Iowa 11848July 20, 1934Keokuk614
            Kansas 12149July 24, 19361Alton (near)1,651
            Kentucky 11446July 28, 1930Greensburg581
            Louisiana 11446Aug. 10, 19361Plain Dealing268
            Maine 10541July 10, 19111North Bridgton450
            Maryland 10943July 10, 19361Cumberland & Frederick623; 325
            Massachusetts 10742Aug. 2, 1975New Bedford & Chester120; 640
            Michigan 11244July 13, 1936Mio963
            Minnesota 11446July 6, 19361Moorhead904
            Mississippi 11546July 29, 1930Holly Springs600
            Missouri 11848July 14, 19541Warsaw & Union705; 560
            Montana 11747July 5, 1937Medicine Lake1,950
            Nebraska 11848July 24, 19361Minden2,169
            Nevada 12552June 29, 19941Laughlin605
            New Hampshire 10641July 4, 1911Nashua125
            New Jersey 11043July 10, 1936Runyon18
            New Mexico 12250June 27, 1994Waste Isolat. Pilot Pit3,418
            New York 10842July 22, 1926Troy35
            North Carolina 11043Aug. 21, 1983Fayetteville213
            North Dakota 12149July 6, 1936Steele1,857
            Ohio 11345July 21, 19341Gallipolis (near)673
            Oklahoma 12049June 27, 19941Tipton1,350
            Oregon 11948Aug. 10, 18981Pendleton1,074
            Pennsylvania 11144July 10, 19361Phoenixville100
            Rhode Island 10440Aug. 2, 1975Providence51
            South Carolina 11345June 29, 2012Columbia292
            South Dakota 12049July 15, 2006Fort Pierre1,434
            Tennessee 11345Aug. 9, 19301Perryville377
            Texas 12049June 28, 19941Monahans2,660
            Utah 11747July 5, 1895Saint George2,880
            Vermont 10541July 4, 1911Vernon310
            Virginia 11043July 15, 1954Balcony Falls725
            Washington 11848Aug. 5, 19611Ice Harbor Dam475
            West Virginia 11244July 10, 19361Martinsburg435
            Wisconsin 11446July 13, 1936Wisconsin Dells900
            Wyoming 11546Aug. 8, 1983Basin3,500
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            Source: National Climatic Data Center


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