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            Internet Statistics and Resources

            Compare your internet usage to other parts of the word, find out what the most popular internet activities are as well as what people are buying the most of online. Learn about the history of social media, internet scams, blog readership, and more.

            Internet Usage

            World Internet Usage, 2016

            World Internet Usage, 2014

            Where Teens Use the Internet

            Home Broadband Access

            Teen Technology Ownership

            Teen Internet Usage

            Percentage of Internet Users in the U.S.

            Top 15 Countries in Internet Usage, 2010

            Internet Access and Usage in the U.S., Fall 2007

            Internet Usage Worldwide by Country, 2007

            Home Internet Connections by Technology, 2001 and 2003

            How Internet Access Has Changed

            Broadband at Home

            Where Americans Use the Internet

            The Reasons Non-Users Aren’t Online


            Social Media Timeline

            Net Neutrality Explained

            The Bitcoin Explained

            Top Google Searches Worldwide

            Top Google Searches in the U.S.

            Top Email Destinations

            Daily Internet Activities

            Most Popular Internet Activities

            How Many Americans Have Done This Activity

            Different People Use the Internet in Different Ways

            Blog Readership

            Most Visited Blogs, 2014

            Most Visited Blogs, 2013

            Sources for Current Downloads

            Where Users Get News Online

            Top General News Sites

            Top Travel Sites

            Top Entertainment Sites

            Top Education Sites

            Top Government Sites

            Top Sites Worldwide

            Top Internet Brands in the U.S.


            Net Neutrality Explained

            Ratings of Games on the Internet

            Internet and Computer Game Use by American Kids, 2005

            Top 10 Online Advertisers, 2007

            Online Spending by Product Category, 2005

            Online Computer Spending by Kind of Business, 2003–2005

            Online Consumer Spending by Product, 2002–2004

            Top Search Providers

            Internet Resource Guide

            Internet Scams: Don't Believe Everything You Read

            Internet Timeline

            Daily Entertainment and Cultural Activities

            Top Ten Countries Using the Internet

            Cellphone UseComputers, Internet, and Technology?
            Computers, Internet, and Technology