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            World Religion Site for Islam and Christianity
            The Hagia Sophia?in Istanbul, a historical religious site for Christians and Muslims

            Since prehistoric times, humans have observed religious practices around the world. Today four-fifths of the world adheres to one of twelve classical religions with?unique customs, practices, and holidays.?Find out about the major religions of the world, their traditions and cultures, statistics, the largest churches in the U.S. and more.

            Religion Around the World

            There are a dozen major religions, with several billion followers?across every country. In many cases, religious belief and practices have become?part?of national cultures and identities.?Read on to learn more about the world's biggest?faiths?and those?who follow them (or who don't).?

            Top Eight Religions of the World

            Top World Religion: The Religiously Unaffiliated

            Religious Affiliation by Country

            Countries with the Largest Unaffiliated Population

            Median Age of Religious Adherents

            Major Religions of the World

            The Major Faiths (concise table)

            Major Religious Holidays

            Selected Worldwide Religious Sites


            Religion in the United States

            Since the arrival of religious minorities in the colonial era, religion has played an important role in the history and daily life of the United States. Read more about the religions that have grown and spread throughout the U.S., and the most popular faiths today.?

            Self-Described Religious Identification Among American Adults

            Non-Christian Religious Adherents in the United States

            Largest U.S. Churches, 2012

            U.S. Religious Sects Originating in the 19th Century

            Women in American Religion


            The Abrahamic Religions

            Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?account for more than half of the world's population. Claiming a common descent from the biblical patriarch Abraham, these religions have millennia of shared history. Learn more about what they have in common, their beliefs, and what sets them apart.

            Judaism Primer

            Old Testament Names

            Kings of Judah and Israel

            Christianity Primer

            The Books of the Bible

            The Dead Sea Scrolls

            List of Roman?Pontiffs (Popes)

            Choosing a New Pope

            Islam Primer


            Other Major Religions

            The other major religions account for roughly one-third of the world's population, mostly concentrated in India, China, and Japan. Learn more about the?classical religious traditions still prevalent in the world today.?










            1Confucianism & Taoism, both share common elements and principles with?Chinese folk religion.