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            Writing & Language

            Teenaged girl writing

            In this collection of articles, tables, and references, there is a guide to grammar and common grammatical errors, spelling tips, a glossary of foreign terms, statistics about languages and foreign language study, and Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes, and explanations of poetry terms. You can also read LSSU's list of "banished" words for the year, learn some frequently misused and mispronounced words, and winners of the World Scrabble Championship! Kids can use these resources to study for spelling and English tests, improve writing skills, and expand their vocabularies.

            A Concise Guide to Grammar and Style

            Commonly Mispronounced Words

            Frequently Misspelled Words

            National Spelling Bee

            World Scrabble Championships

            Most Widely Spoken Languages
            in the World

            Most Studied Foreign Languages
            in the U.S.

            Ten Tips for Better Spelling

            Easily Confused or Misused Words

            Some Basic Phrases in Other Languages

            Foreign Words and Phrases

            Latin and Greek Word Elements

            American Sign Language and Braille

            Glossary of Poetry Terms

            Common Abbreviations

            Phobia Glossary

            LSSU's Banished Words of the Year


            Names: Their Origins and Meanings

            Asian Loan Words

            Spanish Loan Words

            Spanish Place Names

            Languages Spoken in the United States

            American Indian Loan Words

            American Indian Place Names

            Languages Other than English Spoken at Home in the U.S.

            American Indian Languages Spoken at Home by American Indians

            Arts and Entertainment
            Culture & Entertainment