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            Commonly Mispronounced Words

            Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

            English can be a tricky language, especially when it comes to pronunciation rules. You probably know a few people who would pronounce that word "prob-lee." You might even do it yourself! Learn more commonly mispronounced words (did you know it's e-LEK-tor-al, not e-lek-TOR-al ?), and start retraining your tongue today.

            • aegis: ee-jis, not ay-jis
            • asterisk: as-ter-isk, not as-ter-ik
            • alumnae: a-lum-nee, not a-lum-nay
            • archipelago: ar-ki-PEL-a-go, not arch-i-pel-a-go
            • athlete: ath-leet, not ath-a-leet
            • candidate: kan-di-dayt, not kan-i-dayt
            • chimera: kiy-MEER-a, not CHIM-er-a
            • disastrous: di-zas-tres, not di-zas-ter-es
            • electoral: e-LEK-tor-al, not e-lek-TOR-al
            • etcetera: et-set-er-a, not ek-set-er-a
            • lambaste: lam-bayst, not lam-bast
            • larvae: lar-vee, not lar-vay
            • library: li-brar-y, not li-bar-y
            • mischievous: MIS-che-vus, not mis-CHEE-vee-us
            • mispronunciation: mis-pro-nun-see-ay-shun, not mis-pro-nown-see-ay-shun
            • nuclear: noo-klee-ur, not noo-kyu-lur
            • nuptial: nup-shul, not nup-shoo-al
            • primer: (schoolbook) prim-mer, not pry-mer
            • picture: pik-cher, not pit-cher
            • prescription: prih-skrip-shun, not per-skrip-shun
            • prerogative: pre-rog-a-tive, not per-rog-a-tive
            • peremptory: per-emp-tuh-ree, not pre-emp-tuh-ree
            • probably: prob-a-blee, not pra-lee or prob-lee
            • Realtor: reel-ter, not ree-la-ter
            • supposedly: su-pos-ed-lee, not su-pos-ab-lee
            • spurious: spyoor-ee-us, not spur-ee-us
            • tenet: ten-it, not ten-unt
            • ticklish: tik-lish, not tik-i-lish
            • triathlon: try-ath-lon, not try-ath-a-lon

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