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            Capitalize the following:

            • Proper nouns and adjectives derived from proper nouns:
            Marie CurieChina, Chinese
            Smokey RobinsonDarwin, Darwinian

            But vocabulary words derived from proper nouns are generally lowercase:

            china cupsplaster of paris
            french friesvienna sausage
            • The names of geographic divisions, regions, and localities and topographical features such as rivers, lakes, and mountains:
            North PoleGulf States
            Middle EastAtlantic Ocean
            Southern HemisphereRocky Mountains
            the NorthLake Tahoe
            Lower East SideErie Canal

            Do not capitalize directions: She lives 10 miles north of Boston.

            • The names of nationalities, ethnic groups, tribes, and languages:
            Asian AmericanCreole
            • Titles when preceding a name:
            President LincolnAunt Mary
            Queen VictoriaDoctor Johnson
            Senator KennedyProfessor Davies

            Do not capitalize such terms elsewhere: a biography of the queen; the senator's speech; my aunt, Mary Wilson; the president's fundraising efforts; the residence of the vice president.

            • Epithets: Ivan the Terrible; Lincoln is known as the Great Emancipator.
            • The names of political and judicial bodies, social organizations, councils, and departments:
            U.S. SenateRotary Club
            Democratic PartyUnited Negro College Fund
            State DepartmentU.S. Supreme Court
            • The names for periods, events, and documents of historical importance:
            Middle AgesConstitution
            RenaissanceTreaty of Versailles
            Battle of WaterlooMagna Carta
            • The names for streets, buildings, and monuments:
            Fifth Avenue World Trade Center
            BroadwayStatue of Liberty
            • The names for the supreme deity and sacred works:
            God, the Father AlmightyBible
            • The names for religious denominations and their members:
              Buddhism, Buddhists
              Catholicism, Catholics
              Judaism, Jews
              Methodist Church, Methodists
              Society of Friends, Quakers
            • The days of the week, months of the year, holidays, and holy days:
            Thursday Labor Day
            • The pronoun I:
              I told her I didn't want to go.
            • The first word in the salutation and complimentary close of a letter:
              My dear Carol…
              Very truly yours…
            • The first word of a sentence:
              Are you hungry? Lunch will be served soon.
            • The first word of a direct quotation, except when the quotation is split:
              I asked, “Do you really like bats?”
              “Yes,” said Holly, “they're so cute.”
            • The first word and all the key words in the title of a literary or other artistic work:
              The Bluest Eye (novel)
              A Streetcar Named Desire (play)
              “The Road Not Taken” (poem)
              Starry Night (painting)
              “Only the Lonely” (song)
            • The names of ships, aircraft, and space vehicles:
              USS Maine
              The Spirit of St. Louis
              space shuttle Challenger
            • The names of constellations, planets, and stars:
            Milky WaySaturn
            the asteroid Juno Little Dipper
            • The names of geologic eras, periods, epochs, and names of prehistoric divisions:
            Paleozoic Era Pleistocene
            Quaternary PeriodStone Age
            • The genus but not the species name in binomial nomenclature:
              Canis familiaris (dog)
              Malus pumila (apple tree)

            A Concise Guide to Grammar and StyleItalicization
            A Concise Guide to Grammar and Style