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            Calendar and Holidays

            Calendar and Holidays on Ancient Aztec Calendar
            Cultures throughout history have devised many ways of tracking time, from ancient China to Mesoamerica.

            By some estimates, humans have been tracking the seasons and the movements of the stars for more than 6,000 years. Sites from Egypt to England have (speculatively) been related to these ancient methods of keeping time. Infoplease is happy to provide you with some more modern methods of timekeeping. Check out our different calendars, and find out more about the history of modern dates and times.


            Infoplease has calendars for current and previous years, history of the calendar, leap year, time zones, and Chinese, lunar, Jewish, and other calendars

            Major Holidays

            History, traditions, and dates of religious and secular holidays, Chinese New Year, Jewish, Hindu, Islamic holidays, and more

            Other Holidays

            Dates and history of state holidays, birthstones, and wedding anniversary gift list

            Holidays in America

            The dates, history, and traditions of the major holidays listed by month

            Perpetual Calendar

            View any month, any year, in the Gregorian calendar and find events and holidays for each day


            Info on water, pendulum, quartz, and mechanical clocks, and sundials

            Seasons, Months, Days

            The meaning of the days of the weeks and months, the reasons for the seasons, daylight saving time, and astrological signs

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            Perpetual CalendarPerpetual Calendar: View any month, any year, in the Gregorian calendar.

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